Pokemon Go: How to get the Halloween Pumpkaboo Lantern pose

published: 2022-10-16T17:11:12

Updated: 2022-10-16T17:11:32

Pokemon Go players have a chance to get a cute new pose for the Halloween event. However, the Pumpkaboo Lantern and the spooky animation combination will not be available for free.

The month is getting spooky in Pokemon Go, and players are gearing up to hunt down favorite Ghost types as Halloween approaches. This included the recent Litwick Community Day, as well as the terrifying Hoopa Unbound in Elite Raids.

However, many are particularly excited about the two-part Halloween event scheduled to kick off October 20, 2022. The first part of the event will feature Mega Banette’s debut, alongside Ghost-type Pokemon encounters such as Yamask, Phantump, Golett, and many others.

One of the latest updates to this event includes a particularly cute Halloween 2022 pose, in which the character avatars can sneak through a haunted forest with an adorable Pumpkaboo lantern held aloft to light their path. Unfortunately, this pose is only available to paying players.

How to get Pokemon Go’s Pumpkaboo Lantern pose

According to the PokemonGoLive blog update for the Halloween 2022 Event Part 1, players must buy the $5 Timed Research ticket to get the Pumpkaboo pose.

The event offers two tiers of paid content, the first being the $1 ticket, which includes access to a Yamask and Galarian Yamask Timed Research. Next up is the $5 ticket, which gives players access to all the bonuses most needed to make the event worth participating in. The Pumpkaboo Lantern pose is also behind this paid content.

In addition, those who can afford the price to obtain the tickets will not be able to complete the survey at ease as the time-limited inquiry task ends on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 at 10:00 AM local time.

It is also important to note that purchasing the $5 ticket does not grant entry to the $1 ticket survey or Yamask Encounters. To get both, Pokemon Go players must purchase each ticket. This can be a high price for those who want to enjoy all that the event has to offer.

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