Pokemon Go leak confirms Cosmoem, Morelull, and unreleased Pikachu costumes

Pokemon Go data miners have discovered brand new Sun & Moon Pokemon coming to the game soon, including: morelull and the legendary cosmom.

In recent weeks, Pokemon Go players have seen many Sun & Moon Pokemon make their way into the mobile game.

With the introduction of several Ultra Beasts such as Kartana and Celesteela, and even the legendary Pokemon Cosmog, players are excited about what’s to come.

Now, a new Pokemon Go datamine has revealed more Sun & Moon Pokemon are on the way, including Cosmog’s evolution Cosmoem, Morelull, and brand new costumed Pikachu.

Pokemon Go leaks more Sun & Moon Pokemon

The leak comes from the PokeMiners Twitter accountwhich showed models for both the standard and shiny variations for a handful of Pokemon.

Notably, it looks like Cosmoem will be arriving in Pokemon Go soon, meaning fans will be one step closer to evolving from Cosmog into Solgaleo or Lunala.

In addition, the leaks showed both Morelull and Shiinotic, similar to how Toxapex and Mareenie arrived earlier in September 2022.

Dataminers also found four new, unreleased, costumed Pikachu in the game’s files. There appear to be two new Balloon Pikachu types and two Pikachu wearing floral-print shirts.

According to PokemonGoHub.net, the green-shirted Pikachu will be exclusive to the Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Taipei event in October 2022.

As such, it’s likely that the Pikachu wearing the purple shirt will also be exclusive to another Safari Zone event, but where that event will take place is still unknown.

While fans knew that Cosmoem would likely be coming soon, the confirmation of its presence in game files is likely to be a relief to those interested in developing the cute, fuzzy Pokemon.

Hopefully this means that Sun & Moon’s box Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala won’t be far behind.

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