Pokemon Go player creates an interesting PokeCenter Stop concept for healing on the go

A Pokemon Go player created a concept for a Pokemon Center Stop that would heal players’ Pokemon along the way.

Pokemon Go trainers who fight in Raids and Gyms know how useful Potions and Revives are after tough battles.

While players can earn these healing items in a variety of ways, it’s surprising how quickly one’s stash can run out.

Now a Pokemon Go fan has created an interesting concept for PokeCenter Stops that would alleviate the Potion and Revive shortages.

Pokemon Go Fan Details PokeCenter Stop Concept

Pokemon Go Pokemon CentersNintendo

Pokemon Centers are a series staple in the main series of video games, but there is no equivalent in Pokemon Go.

The concept comes from the PokemonGo subreddit, where user Meced0 described how their PokeCenter Stop idea could be implemented.

According to them, these PokeCenter Stops would have “the same appearance speed as Go Rocket” spawns.

“Once you get there, choose six Pokemon and turn the Stop to heal them all.”

Many fans seemed receptive to the concept and acknowledged that they have struggled to heal their teams in the past as well.

“I like your idea,” said Reddit user V_Samurai. “I always have problems with healing items and it would be perfect for me.”

User JakePhillips52 also supported the idea, saying they “always wanted more PvE related stuff” in the game.

They even suggested that Niantic could even add other establishments from the mainstream video game series such as traditional gyms and PokeMarts to buy items at a better price.

However, some players found that Meced0’s concept might be unbalanced, saying Niantic would have to tweak it before it appeared in the game.

“I feel like Niantic would think it’s too overpowered, so as a slightly weaker option, the Pokemon you select become unusable for a period of time (six hours or so) and then they’re ‘returned,'” suggested Davan94.

While plenty of others suggested that the concept needed tweaking before it could work properly, trainers certainly seem on board with the idea of ​​healing their Pokemon without using so many items.

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