Pokemon Go players call on Niantic to overhaul 10 km shutters: “Stop putting junk in eggs”

Published: 2023-01-08T00:41:53

Updated: 2023-01-08T00:42:06

Pokemon Go players are voicing their displeasure with Niantic over the 10 km egg hatchery, calling the results “junk” as they stand.

Pokemon Go players are a vocal bunch and they’re not afraid to speak up if they see something they find unfair or irregular in their favorite game.

In the past, they’ve mobilized everything from “disappointing” designs to the price of tickets to the upcoming Hoenn Tour Las Vegas event, but now it’s the iconic egg hatching system that draws their ire.

Pokemon Go trainers plead with Niantic to “stop putting junk in eggs”

Pokemon Go’s formula of real-world exploration and in-game micromanaging has cemented it firmly into its own orbit in the gaming community at large, and eggs play a huge role in what makes the ARG unique.

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While it’s intended as a reward for players who take the time to explore, many trainers who’ve spent their time exploring the world agree that the effort doesn’t match the price.

When one person took to the game’s subreddit to voice their complaints, it wasn’t long before others joined their call for change.

“Togedemaru in 10k eggs is pure Niantic trolling,” one player said of the 10k eggs, while another called the entire system “criminal.”

“I literally only get Vullabys from 12k eggs…I wouldn’t want it if it was in a 2k,” agreed a third.

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A trainer took a closer look at the problem and presented a possible solution that the Pokemon Go team could implement to ease the collective pain of the player base.

“I wouldn’t mind throwing eggs away if there were more ways to get incubators without paying for them,” they began. “Incubators like weekly walking prizes would be ideal… which is why we’ll never get them.”

There’s no way to know for sure whether their grim prophecy will hold, but the pessimism is enough to make it clear that players are ready for a shake-up of the current system.

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