Pokemon Go players catch “kinda sus” Lickitung lurking at PokeStop

Pokemon Go fans lost it after a trainer discovered a “sus” Lickitung after an unlucky PokeStop and Pokemon pair.

Pokemon Go players have found or submitted some amazing PokeStops in the game’s six-year history.

While most PokeStops are normal, like famous landmarks or monuments, others for establishments like restaurants and bars can be quite funny.

Now a fan has found a hilarious combination of Pokemon and PokeStop, thanks to a “sus” Lickitung and a beach bar.

Pokestops can contain surprisingly mature images

Lickitung in the Pokemon Go Summer CupNiantic / The Pokemon Company

While Lickitung is far from a suggestive Pokemon, given the wrong context, the Pokemon could be seen as “sus”.

The post comes from the game’s subreddit where user RageLuinor posted a photo of Pokemon on a nearby PokeStop.

The specific PokeStop is the Wipeout Bar & Grill on Pier 39 in San Francisco, California, with a statue of a woman in a bikini holding up the menu board.

For obvious reasons, fans started to joke about why Lickitung could be found on this particular PokeStop, given the photo.

“You made a spelling mistake,” user Pyroz336 joked, among a host of other more risqué jokes.

Oddly enough, other fans immediately recognized which PokeStop RageLuinor was on based on the photo provided.

“Wipe out! I’ve saved the San Francisco stop in my postcard book,” said an excited Pokemon trainer.

This isn’t the first time lewd PokeStops have caught the eye of the Pokemon Go community, though others are much more revealing than Wipeout’s photo.

Of course, PokeStops must be approved by a community of Niantic reviewers before going public, according to Niantic’s help page.

This could explain some cases where nude sculptures and statues can be displayed as PokeStop signs, as most are simply considered public art.

Anyway, Wipeout’s PokeStop pic is just fine, despite the funny coincidence of Lickitung hanging out.

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