Pokemon Go Players Flame “Scammy” Go Fest Finale Boxes

The Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Finale Event is finally here, but players can’t believe how “scammy” the limited-time event boxes feel.

The global Pokemon Go Fest 2022 took place in June, followed by several city-specific events around the world. And while the in-person festival attendees were pleased, the global event didn’t favor the player.

In fact, the global Go Fest event in 2022 was hailed as one of the worst events Niantic had ever staged. The lack of Shiny Pokemon and meaningful rewards made it pale compared to the Kanto/Johto Tour events and previous Go Fests.

Now Niantic has one last effort to win over those who felt scorned by Go Fest. The Finals event, which takes place on August 27, will offer a hefty helping of featured Pokemon, but players are already disappointed with the event’s limited-time boxes.

Fans let down by Pokemon Go Fest Finale boxes

A dedicated group of Pokemon Go data miners called pokeminers recently unveiled the four exclusive Go Fest Finale boxes that will be in the item shop on the day of the event. These are the Event Box, Raid Box, Training Box and Hatch Box.

But when JRE47 split the boxes with the TheSilphRoad subreddit, players were less than happy with their offerings.

The most egregious of boxes seemed to be the Training Box which offered a Pokemon Storage Upgrade and an Item Storage Upgrade, along with Pokeballs and five Lucky Eggs. Players were quick to tell others to save 150 Pokecoins by purchasing just the storage and item upgrades themselves.

Another player claimed the Hatch Box was a “scam” since Niantic used it to offer a better deal on Super Incubators. Players could buy 18 Super Incubators for 1500 coins, but the Hatch Box offers six Super and four Normal Incubators for 1,180 coins.

The responses to JRE’s post were inundated with users saying they would pass the boxes along. Since players already have to pay $10.99 for a ticket to the one-day event, they can’t be bothered to spend their hard-earned Pokecoins on these event boxes.

Hopefully players will enjoy the event more than the global celebration in June, but that all depends on the hands players get on August 27.

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