Pokemon Go players meme “A Cosmic Companion” challenges after lack of Natu spawns

The new season of Pokemon Go – Season of Light – will start with giving players a new Special Research quest, but players will joke about how difficult the first challenge seems to be.

Ultra Beasts poured into Pokemon at the end of the Pokemon Go Fest festivities, and they are followed by a brand new season.

Professor Willow returned to kick off the season of lights with a new look and an adorable companion. Cosmog, the first phase of the Solgaleo and Lunala Legendary lines, is here to keep the new and improved Professor company.

But to learn more about this mysterious Legendary, players are given a special research task. “A Cosmic Companion” is the intro to the season, but players are laughing at how difficult it has been to complete it.

Best Pokemon Go “A Cosmic Companion” memes

The trend started after Reddit user galaxygames82 shared a screenshot of the Special Research with one task left. They asked, “Is anyone else having trouble with this research?” followed by a photo of the ‘Catch 15 Psychic-type Pokemon’ challenge.

Many users commented that they had no luck meeting Psychic Pokemon. But other users took the opportunity to grab some Reddit Karma for themselves.

Signapple posted a photo captioned “fixed it for you” where they replaced the “Psychic type” with “Natu” as they are the only Psychic Pokemon players they seem to encounter.

Trainers then got a little more creative by posting similar screenshots, but replacing the Psychic challenge with their own creation. Lots of posts with the caption “Is anyone else having a problem with this?” were faced with fake tasks such as “Hide illegal substances from the DEA” or “Get a girlfriend”.

Despite all the shenanigans, players seem to be struggling to find enough Psychic-type Pokemon to complete the special investigation.

Fortunately, Pokemon Go has an Inkay Special Research and a Psychic-themed event for trainers. While it may not be the instant completion players were hoping for, at least the task won’t go unfulfilled for long.

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