Pokemon Go Trainer Celebrates Fashion Week With ‘Dappiest’ Costume Combo

published: 2022-10-01T23:24:21

Updated: 2022-10-01T23:24:39

With Fashion Week drawing to a close in Pokemon Go, a trainer took it upon himself to create the “dripperiest” costume combo to ever grace the game.

Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week event featured tons of neatly costumed Pokemon and some new cosmetic options for trainers to spruce up their avatars.

While some fans labeled the event pointless, others recognized it as a nice break between bigger events planned for the future.

Now a trainer celebrated Fashion Week by creating a bold, ironic costume for their avatar character that used a combination of some hilarious accessories.

Pokemon Go trainer shows off “impeccable drip”

A user named ard5995 posted on the Pokemon Go subreddit with the title “Did I do a fashion?” showing their in-game trainer in a really special outfit.

To break down the outfit, the trainer donned the Pa’u-style Oricorio hat and Lugia mask to get off to a really standout start. They also equipped the Ho-Oh Wings to continue the Legendary Bird theme.

As for their torso, the trainer wore the Hoopa Unbound T-shirt with fluffy, black and white Obstagoon gloves.

For their legs, they don Team Aqua Shorts, with white and blue striped tights, and Delibird Boots to complete the outfit.

Other Pokemon Go players joined in, making fun of the admittedly hideous costume combination.

“Still better than Blanche,” said one fan, referring to Team Mystic’s Leader’s new look, which was not well received by the Pokemon Go community.

Another player complimented the ard5995’s wardrobe, calling it “immaculate drip” before making an unsavory comparison of what they thought it looked like.

Others were fascinated by the combination of chosen accessories, such as the user saltforsnails who said, “I love this. This is borderline experimental. I hope you have a suitable crazy pose too.”

While Pokemon Go’s Fashion Week event may not be for everyone, it seems that some trainers have certainly found pleasure in at least some aspects of it.

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