Pokemon Go Trainer Learned Big Lesson After Losing Low CP Shin Shiny Sableye

A fierce Pokemon Go player recently learned a valuable lesson after encountering a golden yellow Shiny Sablee with laughable CP and was unable to catch.

Pokemon Go is a unique item in the franchise as almost every Pokemon you encounter has a % chance to feel. The only exceptions are event encounters and Shiny Raid Pokemon.

Unfortunately, this exception does not apply to Shiny Pokemon that trainers encounter in the wild. While it’s not incredibly common for Pokemon to flee, it does happen from time to time.

Unfortunately for Reddit user Minimimik, disaster struck when a Shiny Sableye dove out of the encounter after just one throw. However, other trainers believe that this could have been avoided if Minimimik hadn’t made one fatal mistake.

Failed Shiny Sableye Learns Valuable Lesson

On August 18, Minimimik was supposed to post this devastating news on the r/pokemongo subreddit. They said “I used an ultra ball and golden razz berry with a normal throw, but a 93 CP Sableye manages to escape and run away after the first try”

They then provided screenshots of the encounter and evidence that it ran off. This was followed by another screenshot from a stats calculator that claimed they should have had a 98% chance of catching the Sabeleye and only 7% of those fleeing had failed the catch.

While this seems incredibly unlucky to OP, other users had different theories. A large number of comments pointed out that Pokemon Go has a speed lock. If a user is traveling more than 80 km/h, there is a much higher chance that Pokemon you encounter (via incense) will break out and flee.

This is intended to deter trainers from playing while driving and to dampen the experience for spoofers. One user claimed they were on a road trip during Starly Community Day and couldn’t catch anything while driving, despite using an Ultra Ball and Golden Razz.

There is good reasoning for this speed lock, but several users also took to the comments to complain about playing while riding as a passenger. The app is useless to passengers and there is no way to prove that you are not driving while traveling at high speeds.

Niantic probably won’t make any changes to Pokemon Go’s speed lock, as it serves as a prevention layer for distracted driving. And Minimimik’s story should teach players about the dangers of encountering Pokemon while on the move.

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