Pokemon Masters shocks fans as Red breaks silence after witnessing Ash’s fight

Ash recently joined the Pokemon Masters universe, where he competed in a tournament and showcased his expert trainer skills. As he fought, Red sensed a strong potential rival. He got excited as he watched, then broke his silence in anticipation of their possible future collision.

Many know both Ash and Red from the Pokemon franchise – where Red initially existed as Ash’s replacement in the games and Ash in the anime. The two never really had a chance to meet as they exist in different universes and canons. That is, until now.

The world of Pokemon Masters revolves around Pasio, an artificial island where trainers compete in 3v3 battles. Often Pokemon trainers from different universes end up being dragged to Pasio – often brought in by Hoopa’s dimensional transport.

Red, the famous mute players controlled in Generation I, has been in the game for a number of years. And finally, Ash has been joining in for the past few weeks too. Like all newcomers to Pasio, they get the chance to participate in a tournament.

The veteran 10-year-old Pokemon trainer wrecked and demonstrated some very impressive skills during his battles. The crowd went wild and cheered for Ash as he destroyed the tournament.

Red heard the loud cheers from outside the stadium, curious as to what exactly was going on. Green, Generation I’s female trainer, asked him “are you curious about the tournament?” Of course, Red reacted silently and stared straight ahead.

Feeling Ash’s presence, Red rushed to the stadium, where he absolutely saw Ash’s Pikachu yawning.

Red’s eyes were on Ash, eagerly watching his every move.

Pokemon Masters Ash and RedThe Pokemon Company

Red was impressed with Ash’s performance in the tournament. Enough that he even broke his vow of silence.

The fight ends with Ash’s victory, and Red leaves the scene with Leaf. Leaf asked, “Are you sad you couldn’t fight, Red?”

Red growled, clearly hampered by his lack of participation in the tournament. “Well…I’m sure you’ll get a chance one day!” Leaf assured him.

The crowd cheered in the background, celebrating Ash’s victory before the shocking moment happened. “…I’ll wait,” Red said, breaking his silence, eager to face Ash in the future.

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