Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Fans Divided Over ‘Empty Open World’ Argument

Game Freak has released three trailers for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and fans are divided as some players feel the game is another “empty open world”.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the first true open-world titles in the monster collecting franchise. Players can go wherever they want and battle gyms in any order they want, making this one of the most unique Pokemon games to date.

With a huge map and expansive landscapes, players expect the world to be filled with Pocket Monsters to discover and collect. But after the first few trailers, fans seem a little disappointed with the variety and density of Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.

However, there are those who believe that the number of Pokemon shown is acceptable. These opposing views have created a rift between players, with both sides being very vocal about their early opinions about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Scarlet & Violet open world divides players

Being Pokemon’s first-ever open-world game, players expected Pokemon to fall over each other, tucked into every corner of the landscape, as they’ve seen in the anime and New Pokemon Snap. Still, wild Pokemon Game Freak shots have been tame by comparison.

This has led to some harsh criticism from players who expected more from wild spawns. But a fan named _Boodstain_ on Reddit clapped back at these critics, saying, “I see so many people complaining the same thing about how it looks “empty”. For example, have you ever been outside? It’s not exactly filled to the brim with more than trees, shrubs and trees.”

A number of users agreed, stating that the players complaining were from glimpses of in-game footage they’ve seen and that it’s too early to judge the game’s density. Others said they didn’t see any problem with the spawns and thought fans sent reasons to complain.

Meanwhile, there were many critics in the comments who defended their opinion. One of them said: “I mean, to be honest, it would be a pretty big deal if the world was empty. Having an empty and/or boring open world is one of the biggest shortcomings an open world game can have.”

Another comment explained why some players – including themselves – would be concerned. They wrote: “I think some people who felt the fields were a bit empty in SW/SH and Arceus are concerned again. – Me included. – Everything will be erased when the real game is released.”

Players had the same concern when seeing the trailers for Pokemon Legends Arceus. However, the game’s spawns were much better than what was shown, although some fans were still not satisfied.

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