Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans love this “enhanced” Koraidon design

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans will love this tweaked design for Koraidon – Generation 9’s Legendary Animal Rideable Box.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet make some big changes to the standard Pokemon formula, with a massive open world and rideable Legendary Pokemon.

Both Miraidon and Koraidon have traversal-related elements in their designs, such as the huge wheels sticking out of their chests.

However, some fans feel that Koraidon in particular looks a bit “goofy”, leading to a trainer trying to “fix” the design himself.

Pokemon fan “improves” Koraidon’s design

koraidon pokemon feature image

Despite the wheel attached to his body, Koraidon is on all fours as he traverses the open world.

User StripyKleo posted on the Pokemon subreddit where they showed an edit they made to the design of the Legendary Pokemon.

The edit StripyKleo made simply reduced the wheel-shaped protrusion on his chest, as they apparently thought the “big wheel” looked silly.

For those who haven’t seen any of Scarlet & Violet’s Legendary Pokemon in motion, players can ride on the backs of both Miraidon and Koraidon.

However, while Miraidon transforms into a sleek hoverbike that glides above the ground, Koraidon just walks on all fours despite having a giant wheel attached to it.

As a result, some players think Koraidon looks crazy compared to Miraidon.

Many fans complimented StripyKleo’s design, saying it was an “improvement” over the original.

“Man, it looks so much better. Amazing what a subtle edit can do,” said mizzymichie.

Clockwork-Cryptid noted that “Given that Miraidon, while also puffy in the chest area, is much more subtle in the whole ‘this is going to be a wheel’ department, I think this edit makes Koraidon not only fit better, but also look and feel better.” more natural.”

Of course, this new design isn’t for everyone, as TerraTF said, “The big wheels he doesn’t use make his design great…”

While some may appreciate this fan-made design, it’s clear that Koraidon’s big chest wheel will stay here when Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launches on November 18, 2022.

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