Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Leak Reportedly Reveals Number of New Pokemon & Pokedex

published: 2022-10-08T21:56:26

Updated: 2022-10-08T21:56:46

As the release date for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet approaches, leaks are starting to pile up claiming to provide information about the size of the Pokedex and the number of new Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are a month away, slated for release on November 18, 2022. And fans are hacking at the point in anticipation of a piece of information about the ninth-generation Pokemon games.

With every new entry in the franchise, players are desperate for information about new Pokemon. So far, we’ve seen the first phase of the new starters, the two box legends, and a few other memorable creatures in the Paldea region.

But the question remains: how many new Pokemon will be introduced in Scarlet & Violet? Will it be less than 90 like in Gens 7 & 8, or will we have another generation introducing over 100 new Pokemon?

pokemon riddler sv pokedexRiddler_Khu tweeted a riddle meant to reveal the number of Pokemon in the Pokedex

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokedex Leak

On October 8, remarkable leaker Riddler_Khu tweeted a cryptic equation meant to reveal the number of Pokemon in the Scarlet & Violet Pokedex. It said “297 + 103 = 400 (and 40+)”.

This riddle was easily deciphered by the Pokemon community and reportedly reveals the number of new and returning Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet. Players believe that the regional Pokedex will contain a total of 400 Pokemon, of which 297 are returning species and 103 are brand new Pokemon.

So far, 17 new Pokemon have been revealed, meaning players still have 86 new creatures to look forward to. However, a recent trailer gave players a few glimpses of undisclosed Pokemon hidden in the background.

The 40+ that Riddler mentioned are believed to be Pokemon that can only be transferred to the game from HOME. These include the Charizard line, the legendary bird trio and Mew/Metwo.

co-delicious Centre would later post a photo showing all 297 returning Pokemon and the 40+ Pokemon players reportedly transferable from HOME.

That said, these are just leaks and we won’t know for sure the size of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Pokedex until the game comes out next month.

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