Pokemon Sword & Shield players make terrifying Dusknoir discovery 3 years after launch

Pokemon trainers have discovered an eerie detail about Dusknoir’s in-game model in Pokemon Sword & Shield long after the game’s launch.

Although Pokemon Sword & Shield is now nearly three years old, players are still discovering new details about the game.

Fans know that the game’s expansion pass allowed Pokemon to chase after trainers, giving players a much closer look at certain in-game models.

Now, trainers discovered a spooky detail about Dusknoir’s model in Sword & Shield that makes it look like the Pokemon is staring at players outside the game.

Trainers discover spooky Dusknoir details in Sword & Shield

Dusknoir in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

Dusknoir is one of the most powerful and creepy Ghost types of Pokemon.

The discovery came from the Pokemon subreddit, where user Gap_98 posted their creepy discovery about Dusknoir.

They added a short video clip to a post titled, “Interesting about Dusknoir: His eye looks like it’s looking at the person playing.”

Sure enough, the video shows a trainer pointing the camera at Dusknoir in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

As the camera pans around Dusknoir’s body, the Pokemon’s single, glowing red eye appears to follow the camera — making it appear as if it’s looking directly at the player.

After the post took hold on the subreddit, Dusknoir fans flocked to support their favorite Ghost type.

“That’s my favorite ghost for you. Always watching,” said InfiniteHydra.

Others referred to one of Dusknoir’s most prominent roles in the Pokemon universe. “Who else remembers Dusknoir from Explorers of Time,” said user Ok-Midnight6157.

Of course, others have also broken down the likely reason for the optical illusion, such as Psychic_C_Merryman who noted, “It’s because it’s a sphere in the center of a cylinder. It’s not meant to be I don’t think, but it feels creepy.”

Still, others, like user SlyWhyGuy, had a different take on the illusion.

“On the contrary, I think it is completely intentional. As you mentioned, it feels eerie, which is part of his character, as he is a ghost who leads lost souls to the afterlife.”

Regardless of whether the effect is intentional or not, Dusknoir definitely looks a lot creepier in Pokemon Sword & Shield right now.

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