Potentially hidden GTA 6 items added by Rockstar discovered years ago by GTA Online fans

A few days ago, some exciting gameplay of GTA VI leaked. Rockstar Games verified the leak, revealing that Vice City was the setting and that both male and female players would play as the game’s characters. However, some astute viewers discovered something about GTA Online. They discovered an artifact that seemed extraordinarily recognizable.

Those who saw the leaked video noticed a Vice City Metro sticker in the Grand Theft Auto Online Arena War update, which was released some time ago.

While this is intriguing, it’s not uncommon for developers to reuse resources, especially when the artwork hasn’t changed much. Most of the time, reusing assets can reduce development time, and it’s not limited to video games. Many people recognize the “Pixar Easter Eggs” incorporated into the studio’s works.

In addition, it is not uncommon for Rockstar to include Easter eggs in their games that are related to other games in the same series or different titles. Developers can sometimes add arbitrary content to build attraction, such as when Bigfoot was included in Grand Theft Auto V. “Mount Chiliad Mystery” is the name of another funny Easter egg. When it was discovered, many thought it indicated a jetpack in Grand Theft Auto V, but that was not the case; eventually a jetpack showed up in a GTA Online mission.

It’s an intriguing addition, but it’s not the only allusion to Vice City in GTA V or GTA Online. There is a complete article on the Grand Theft Auto fan wiki about Easter eggs in Vice City. However, this metro logo was only shown in GTA Online and can now be seen in the illegal leak; so users had proof that Vice City would be included in GTA VI, provided they pay attention and make the connection.

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