Pricing Revealed for MSI X670 Motherboards

MSI has released prices for four of their upcoming X670E and X670 motherboards, and suffice to say the prices are a little high! Starting at the bottom, we have the Pro X670-P WiFi for $289.99. This price is quite high for a more or less entry-level model in the segment. Although we don’t know prices for other X670 boards yet. After that, the MPG X670E Carbon WiFi costs $479.99, which is about $200 more than its X570S counterpart.

Then we have the MEG X670E ACE for $699.99, which is about double the current retail price of the MEG X570 ACE Gaming. Finally, there’s the MEG X670E Godlike for $1299.99. This board doesn’t appear to be a hybrid board with built-in water cooling, and the feature set seems quite lacking compared to what we’ve seen from ASUS’ high-end boards. I can’t imagine paying that price compared to other flagship boards out there, but again, we don’t know those prices yet.


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