Pro Pokemon TCG Player Accused Of Cheating At Baltimore Regionals

The Baltimore Pokemon TCG Regional competition saw a bit of controversy when professional player Isaiah Bradner was accused of cheating.

Now that the Pokemon World Championships 2022 are over, Pokemon Regional competitions have picked up steam again.

Now the first Pokemon TCG Regional competition in Baltimore, Maryland has officially closed, but not without a bit of controversy.

Professional TCG player Isaiah Bradner was charged with cheating during a match in the Swiss Round Four after using the Irida Trainer card.

Pro Pokemon TCG Player Accused Of Cheating

The situation arose during Bradner’s match against opponent Xander Pero, when Bradner played an Irida Trainer card.

For those who may not know, the Irida Trainer card allows the player who played it to search their deck for a Water-type Pokemon and an item card.

The player then reveals those cards to the opponent, places them in their hand and shuffles their deck.

However, Bradner chose two item cards instead: A Cross Switcher and Quick Ball. Although the commentators quickly realized what was happening, Bradner immediately played the Quick Ball card and placed it on his discard pile.

Though Bradner goes through his cards one more time, Pero also noticed Bradner’s move and asked him to show the cards he had chosen.

Instead of showing both item cards, Bradner showed Pero the Cross Switcher card and a Palkia VSTAR card, to coincide with the Irida card rules.

Unfortunately, the match went on without the judge’s intervention, ultimately ending in a draw.

Still, both Pero and the match commentators weren’t the only ones to notice the incident as TCG fans took to social media to call out Bradner.

At the time of writing, Pokemon has not made an official statement or statement about the situation. In addition, neither Bradner nor Pero have commented on the situation.

While Bradner’s move would likely only count as a “minor violation under Pokemon’s official punishment guidelines, it’s still something that needs to be officially reviewed.

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