Rainbow Six Developers Reveal New Emerald Plains Map That Started As A Bartlett University Edit

Rainbow Six Siege finally has a new map in Emerald Plains. However, the first release in three years wouldn’t always be new – instead, Ubisoft had a revision of Bartlett University in mind when they designed the map of Northern Ireland.

Bartlett University is one of Rainbow Six Siege’s most infamous maps. One of the original battlefields, it was relegated to Terrorist Hunt for years and not much else. It’s big and expansive, but the clunky layout made it disappear pretty quickly.

That said, it’s still a cult classic in the game and fans have been wanting a new imagination for years.

When Emerald Plains was launched as part of Operation Demon Veil, many Siege fans said they got a similar vibe from the Northern Ireland country club to the fake American college. Ubisoft says that’s intentional.

“The comparisons to Bartlett make sense — Emerald Plains started life as a Bartlett rework,” developers said during a Reddit AMA on April 29.

Emerald Plain map in Rainbow Six Siege

Emerald Plains was originally supposed to be the Bartlett University rework, Ubisoft confirmed.

“As we started to change more and more of the map during the rework phase, we soon found that it became its own map and didn’t fit our definition of a rework, so we decided to switch and lean into the novelty, theme and all. .”

This included a re-do of the architecture to match the recently released Thorn. There was no way to get this season’s Operator, Aruni, into the theme, but the grandiose halls could be replicated in a more European style.

“For this, we wanted to use the same type of architecture that suits Bartlett and found that it wouldn’t suit Japan. But given the recent release of Thorn, we did want to send some love her way and bind us to her country,” she added.

Thorn in Rainbow Six Siege

The Emerald Plains map is more in line with Thorn’s story.

“While there are hints and nods to his old self, such as the foyer and two front towers, the moment-to-moment gameplay flow is completely different from its humble beginnings as a Bartlett rework.”

So, beyond this, will Bartlett ever get his long-awaited rework in Siege? Ubisoft said nothing is off the table – but don’t expect it any time soon as they’re working on two more new maps in Year 7 and other edits for more pressing battlefields.

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