Rainbow Six Operation Brutal Swarm Battle Pass Details: All Rewards and Challenges

Rainbow Six Operation Brutal Swarm has launched and that means a new battle pass has to be honed. We’ve got the full list of rewards you can get here, as well as how to get through the rut with challenges faster.

Rainbow Six Year 7 continues with Operation Brutal Swarm, including new operator Grim, a host of balance changes to strike back, and more.

If you’re experimenting with anything new, you’ll probably come across some battle pass goodies along the way. The Brutal Swarm Battle Pass contains numerous rewards related to the new season with a big focus on Nighthaven.

Learn all about Rainbow Six’s Battle Pass Operation Brutal Swarm, including all the rewards and challenges on offer here.


How much does the Brutal Swarm Battle Pass cost?

Rainbow Six’s Battle Pass Operation Brutal Swarm comes in two versions: Free and Premium.

As described, the Free pass does not cost a cent. It also doesn’t limit your progress in any way⁠—you can still access all the challenges—but you get limited rewards for grinding.

The Premium pass, which costs 1200 R6 credits (and you earn some of it back through the pass), is your bet to get your hands on it all. Not only do you get a slight experience boost, but you also get early access to the new operator Grim and all the rewards.

If you change your mind mid-season and want to upgrade your Brutal Swarm Battle Pass, you can do so and earn all the rewards retroactively⁠—no need to start over. This is a smart move if you’re not sure how much Siege you’ll be playing all season.

What rewards are included in the Brutal Swarm Battle Pass?

Rainbow Six Operation Brutal Swarm’s Battle Pass is pretty much no different from other seasons. Players can unlock new operator and weapon skins, Alpha and Bravo packs, Renown boosters and more.

Those using the free pass will not be able to access the full spread. Usually there are just a few mismatched headgear and uniforms, a gun skin or two, as well as some charms. Those who buy the Premium pass and grind to Tier 100 get everything.

There’s a lot of focus on the controversial Nighthaven group in this battle pass, so you’ll be able to find cosmetics for its members, including: Ace, Aruni, Ela, Finka, Grim, IQ, Kali, Osa, Pulse, Smoke, and Wamai. There are also skins for non-Nighthaven members Nokk and Thatcher.


Nighthaven’s Operators are all featured in the Brutal Swarm Battle Pass.

Once you reach Tier 100, bonus rewards will still be offered. You can earn an Alpha pack for every five Tiers you grind past that point, so you don’t have to stop playing and wait for the next season.

Brutal Swarm battle pass challenges

There are personal and group challenges to complete as part of the Operation Brutal Swarm Battle Pass in Rainbow Six. As long as you contribute a little bit to the group challenge, you will earn the XP once the goal is reached.

These challenges are a great way to get through the battle pass. One challenge will give you enough XP to progress almost an entire level, so it’s worth reaching those goals. They change every two weeks, so check back every two weeks for a new set that is unique to you.

When does the Brutal Swarm Battle Pass expire?

Rainbow Six Operation Brutal Swarm Battle Pass expires Dec 6, 2022according to the in-game timer.

This is likely when Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 4 will hit live servers, so expect to hear a lot of news leading up to the news.

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