Redesigned HomePod Mini may be in the works

It is believed that Apple is considering launching a second-generation HomePod mini alongside the ‘Pro’ version of the original HomePod.


Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says the Cupertino-based company is considering updating its HomePod mini smart speaker, which first debuted in 2020. The analyst says Apple is making an effort to have more devices in the home niche. However, the new mini speaker may not have major improvements or a significant facelift over its predecessor.

It has been reported that Apple is planning a “high-end” version of its original HomePod, which was discontinued in March last year. The new HomePod may have a multi-touch display and the S8 chip and may launch as early as 2023.

Apple is also planning a few more devices for its home niche, including a speaker and iPad connected to an electronic arm, as well as a HomePod that’s a FaceTime camera and speaker and has Apple TV features.

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