Report claims Intel Arc GPUs may already be canceled

Last weekend, a report came out stating that Intel’s Arc discrete graphics card has been effectively canceled. Intel jumping into the discrete GPU market as the third player has been rocky to say the least. First you have stiff competition from AMD and NVIDIA, then there were the slowdowns, reports of pretty poor performance and driver issues, and finally a pretty rough economy around the world.

It’s no wonder this isn’t the first time we’ve heard something along the lines of “Intel Arc is being canceled”. Moore’s Law is Dead dropped this news in their latest video, saying that “once Alchemist is out you should be surprised if they do anything else….could be….a few low volume limited re-productions beginning next year, and then it’s basically everything. There are high-level discussions on the cancellation of dedicated desktop Arc cards, the data center remains for now, but the dedicated gaming card line could be canceled before Celestial even gets a chance.”

Igor Walllossek of Igor’s Lab has also said that he’s been talking to potential distributors and manufacturers in the European area about Intel’s Arc cards, and there hasn’t been much interest. In addition, it is claimed that unlike AMD and NVIDIA, Intel could not provide price guarantees and that their RMA and returns policies were much worse than their competitors.

Recently, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger revealed that the company would not meet its internal target of selling four million Arc GPUs this year, which is definitely a big disappointment. We also reported last week that Intel could exit other companies that aren’t profitable, and Arc could certainly be one of them.

It will be very interesting to see what happens from here. As a gamer and consumer you want a 3rd choice and that only makes the competition stronger, which is unavoidable but good.

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