Respawn responds to calls to make Control permanent in Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ Control game mode is a beloved LTM, and after its appearance during Season 13, many called for it to be made permanent. However, Respawn doesn’t flinch and has no plans to make it so.

When Control launched in Apex Legends in early 2022 as part of Season 12: Defiance, the 9v9 game mode quickly became a fan favorite.

While Arenas offered a different experience to the traditional Battle Royale, the 18-man capture-the-point style mode surprised everyone with a much more interactive experience with constant respawns.

However, despite its popularity, Respawn has only brought it back a few weeks at a time during events as a limited-time mode (LTM).

Apex Legends players have long called for making Control permanent in the game as an alternative to the regular Battle Royale, which can be too much, or Arenas, which can have a lot of downtime.

However, those calls will not soon be answered by Respawn. That’s what they said at the press event for the Season 14 launch at the end of July.

The developers don’t plan to make Control a regular feature in Apex Legends, but keep it as a rotating game mode to draw players in based on its rarity.

Control returns to Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment

Control won’t be a fixture in Apex Legends anytime soon, but never say never.

If it were made active around the clock, Control could die out – just as Arenas has slowly done it within Apex Legends. The fact that it spins in and out means that once it’s added back in, players will be queuing up in droves with games constantly popping.

Don’t take that as a definitive answer, though. If Control proves to be popular again and again during events, Respawn can revisit the topic and make it a permanent game mode. At the moment there are no plans to do that.

The Control news comes in the wake of Apex Legends Season 14, which comes out on August 9, 2022. With the update comes new Legend Vantage and numerous weapon changes. Read everything you need to know about the new release here.

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