Respawn Reveals Why Apex Legends Rank Gap In Matchmaking Is “Fully Meant”

A developer from Respawn Entertainment explained why Apex Legends players are finding a difference in their leaderboard games as people are reporting more matchmaking issues with noticeable gaps in ELO.

The Apex Legends community has long struggled to find a Bronze player in Platinum lobbies or similar instances that can disrupt competitive gameplay for teams. This has been the case even in recent seasons, which has left players baffled over the years.

While it leaves the door open for a low ELO player to enroll where it would be inconvenient for a squad, there’s a reason why that’s the case.

Respawn has long been adamant that these cases are rare and crucial to keeping Apex’s queues low to fill every 60-player lobby.

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Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players want the Rank matchmaking to find players closer together.

Even in Season 13, Diamond-ranked people will claim to find Bronze players in their games, while low ELO lobbies Platinum+ will absolutely level the field.

While it’s not ideal, Live Technical Designer Aaron “Exgeniar” L. can see why people can still cross someone who has no business in that ranked lobby, at both ends of the spectrum.

“A bronze player can be paired with a platinum player in some intended edge cases,” he said. “However, a Bronze player should never be matched with a Diamond+ player… In all the cases we checked, it is a Gold Player in a premade with a Bronze player placed in a Gold + Plat lobby.

“Sometimes when the queues are long enough, lobbies start to merge to start competitions. This is a compromise in design because we don’t want these players to have to wait forever. So sometimes this starts to happen during off-peak hours. This is completely the intention.”

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Apex Legends can sometimes have a difference in ranking, but sometimes it’s design.

The developer was clearing up a statement from an EA Help representative who said that Bronze players should never be matched with a Platinum. But this can and does happen, although Exgeniar calls them “edge cases.”

Even in the application, the Respawn developer admitted that it can feel like a “bug” at times and they could look at home to prevent these edge cases from happening in the future.

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