Riot confirms annoying Skye flash bug fixed in latest Valorant patch

Skye mains has summoned Riot to fix an audio cue bug with her Guiding Light flash that has tricked players. The developers have confirmed that the annoying bug has been fixed in Valorant patch 5.06, despite the lack of the patch notes.

Skye’s flash, Guiding Light, is an important part of the Initiator’s kit in Valorant. The Aussie can cast out a hawk, bend it around corners and flash enemies.

It’s also great for intelligence gathering, as it has a good signal when blinding an enemy. However, that sound signal had been tapped for a few weeks, making it unreliable and distracting at times. What would happen is that the pop sound would occur twice without the hawk beeping.

While there are other ways to find out if enemies are being flashed without swinging a wide angle, it can trip even the most experienced Skye player.

Mains waited patiently for a fix, but Valorant patch 5.06 went around without saying anything. Players became restless as they looked at another two weeks without a fix for their favorite agent, but Riot has confirmed that the Skye audio bug was actually fixed and wasn’t in the patch notes.

Riot Games

Skye’s Guiding Light has been fixed as of Valorant patch 5.06, despite nothing being mentioned in the notes.

‚ÄúThis bug should actually be fixed in [Valorant patch] 5.06, but just wasn’t added to the patch notes,” developer “TheAeroplane13” told players on Reddit. “Sorry for the confusion, and let us know if you find the issue isn’t resolved.”

For now, Skye’s flash should warn players as intended when an enemy is dazzled, and you can regain full confidence in your utility.

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