Riot promises that Chamber nerfs will fix Valorant’s meta for the “long term”.

Published: 2022-11-28T09:00:00

Updated: 2022-11-28T08:01:17

More Chamber nerfs are coming to Valorant as the French Sentinel continues to dominate the meta. It’s not just band aids: Riot promises it will be worth the wait as they try to balance the game for the “long term”.

Chamber has actually been a problem for Valorant players since the launch of the French Sentinel. With plenty of usability for shutting down sites alongside a ton of firepower that was deadly in the hands of the sharpest players, it really had it all.

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Riot was quick to find him early in its existence, but he still has a stranglehold on the meta through 2022. With the off-season kicking off, his reign may be coming to an end.

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At some point, the community took matters into its own hands. Riot was patient with pulling the trigger at the end of the esports season. But with a “tightening” of his identity, as lead agent designer Jay Watford put it, he will still be able to shine without suffocating others in his class.

“One of our deep philosophies with agents in Valorant is that everyone should bring their own tactics that they unlock, their own special strengths and weaknesses, and reasons for favoring one agent over the other agents in a game,” said Watford.

“When we talk about sharpening, we’re talking about one agent accomplishing things that we don’t think are correct. They have gone too far and become too powerful, or they cannot achieve what we wanted them to achieve.”

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Chamber falls into that former camp. He has pushed other Sentinels like Cypher out of the meta, despite major buffs to counter his dominance. However, they are wary of balancing too hard either way for Valorant’s long-term health.

Chamber standing adjustment strapRiot games

Chamber’s days are numbered.

If they attack Chamber too hard and buff Cypher and other Sentinels too much, the Chamber problem will become another agent’s downfall. The tipping approach may not immediately saturate players, but it prevents the game from constantly swinging from one meta to another.

“This is a patch to make Cypher stronger at what we think he should be good at, but the reality is we have another agent in Chamber who is too good at too many things and he’s crowding Cypher into his space” Watford added. , talking specifically about the recent Cypher buffs.

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“The danger we’re in is that if we boost Cypher enough to compete with Chamber, we’ll have a Cypher problem as soon as we get Chamber where we wanted. Suddenly he would be the dominant one.

“The reality is we want to keep an eye on that power grip and we’re pushing Cypher to the right place for the long haul, knowing we’d get Chamber to the right place as well.”

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