Roblox, Koch Group and Others File Court Briefings in Support of Apple

Several groups and companies have shown their support for Apple in the Apple vs. Epic lawsuit.

‘Friend of the court’ briefings from Koch Group, game developer Roblox and other organizations were submitted before the March 31 deadline. Likewise, the Department of Justice, several US states, and Microsoft have filed filings to show their support for Epic.

Bloomberg mentioned that the instructions were sent by leading organizations such as the Washington Legal Foundation, the Computer and Communications Industry Association, the ACT-App Association and more. Reuters added that the online gaming platform Roblox has also sent them instructions to support Apple and oppose Epic’s claims that the App Store is anti-competitive.

Roblox stated in the filing that app approval and review by the Cupertino-based company improves security and safety and gives the app more legitimacy in the eyes of users.

The original ruling against Epic is still pending, but the hearings are not expected to resume until next year.

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