Roccat Unveils the SYN MAX Air Gaming Headset

ROCCAT, the award-winning brand of PC gaming peripherals from Turtle Beach Corporation (Nasdaq: HEAR), announces that its new premium wireless Syn Max Air headset is now available at participating retailers. ROCCAT’s Syn Max Air sits atop the brand’s headset line as its new premium wireless offering, leveraging Turtle Beach’s decades of award-winning audio engineering experience. The Syn Max Air delivers immersive 3D surround sound through its large 50mm Nanoclear speakers, while the detachable, flip-up Truspeak microphone provides crystal-clear communication, and exclusive features like Superhuman Hearing give you a competitive edge. The Syn Max Air combines ROCCAT’s signature style with wireless freedom, and the headset’s translucent ear cups and fast-charging RGB docking station showcase the brand’s stunning AIMO RGB lighting. PC gamers can also combine the Syn Max Air with other AIMO-compatible peripherals such as ROCCAT’s Vulcan II Max and Kone XP Air to create the most beautiful RGB desktop configuration. The Syn Max Air is available on the Roccat website and at participating retailers worldwide for a suggested retail price of $249.99 (£209.99/€249.99).

“The Syn Max Air is the ultimate headset upgrade for PC gamers and ROCCAT fans seeking premium sound, comfort and a unique RGB-controlled look that stands out from the crowd,” said René Korte, ROCCAT founder and General Manager, PC Peripherals at Turtle. Beach Corporation. “Fans love the ID of the Syn Pro Air headset and we wanted to provide an even enhanced experience without compromise and the Syn Max Air is just that. It’s the most advanced headset we’ve ever produced, packed with premium features, compatibility options and designed with Turtle Beach’s renowned audio expertise.”

Building on the success of the Syn Pro Air, which describes as “Well-designed, well-built and one of the best gaming headsets around”, ROCCAT’s Syn Max Air headset delivers a premium 3D wireless audio experience, perfectly for gamers and streamers who love high-quality game audio and a unique RGB-infused style. Developed by the leading gaming headset manufacturer Turtle Beach, the Syn Max Air’s premium sound features the exclusive, patented technologies and features of the best-selling brand. Immersive 3D audio is delivered through the Syn Max Air’s large and powerful 50mm Nanoclear speakers, and crystal-clear voice chat comes through the Syn Max Air’s unique TruSpeak microphone – the only in its class offering noise cancellation, flip-to- mute provides functionality and the option to be completely removed, which is great for streamers. The Syn Max Air includes four audio presets and Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting, which amplifies critical in-game sounds such as footsteps from nearby enemy players and weapon reloads for a competitive edge. For added comfort, the Syn Max Air features Turtle Beach’s exclusive ProSpecs goggle-friendly technology and cooling gel-infused memory foam cushions.

ROCCAT’s Syn Max Air offers PC gamers every convenience and adds a fast-charging RGB docking station for the headset’s 16-hour battery, where just a 15-minute charge delivers three hours of gameplay. ROCCAT’s signature sleek, RGB-inspired design stands out on the Syn Max Air, and premium aluminum yokes provide added durability. Up to 16.8 million colors of RGB lighting are displayed on both the headset’s translucent earcups and the fast-charging docking station, and the lighting can be synchronized with other AIMO devices using ROCCAT’s robust Swarm software.

ROCCAT’s Stellar Wireless technology manages the Syn Max Air’s signal strength and battery consumption for optimal performance, while Turtle Beach’s long-standing dual-wireless functionality allows PC gamers to chat on Discord, take calls while gaming and listen to music via Bluetooth. The Syn Max Air includes intuitive on-ear audio controls for easy sound customization and can be further customized using ROCCAT’s Swarm software. The Syn Max Air is a rugged yet lightweight wireless PC gaming headset weighing in at 326g. The ear cups can also be folded flat when it’s time for a break.

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