Rockstar Games Unveils Internal Gender Pay Gap Update

In a transparent move, and as part of Rockstar Games UK’s ongoing efforts to resolve their documented gender-related pay equality issues, the company has just released an internal report on the gender pay gap.

As part of the UK government’s commitment to equality in the workplace, any workplace with more than 250 people is required to publish a report on gender divisions within the structure of their company. This includes a wide world of information about wage amounts and percentages of men and women within four defined margins of earning.

Rockstar Games UK, overseen by the company’s vice president, Jennifer Kolbe, has just released the publicly available information on the relevant government website.

As part of this process, Rockstar is committed to “promoting a supportive and inclusive work environment for all, including ongoing efforts to achieve a more balanced gender balance in all [its] studios.”

If we look at such a delicate subject from a purely quantitative point of view, we will never give easy and quick answers about the state of the company or how they conduct their business. But Rockstar aims to address discrepancies in its latest report.

“Over the past year, the female workforce has increased by 15%, compared to a 12% increase in the total workforce. However, as we bring more women into the company – not all of whom will be in senior positions – the gender pay gap will still fluctuate from year to year as it takes time for those women to rise through the ranks of the company.”

Of particular note is the company’s commitment to addressing the invisible ways in which opinions are formed. “Our global human resources team has been through unconscious bias training, and we have:
announced to our teams that this will be mandatory training for all employees in 2022”

Rockstar dives into the hard data and doesn’t hide male dominance in its recruiting and work processes. A breakdown of men and women into different pay brackets provides a surprising insight into how women make up just a little more than one in ten workers.


Direct data from Rockstars reports shows a spike in female workers at the bottom of the pay scale

As Rockstar has made clear that they want to be at the forefront of inclusive hiring and work processes, the company also claimed it is “extending HR system options for gender identities beyond binary male/female choices to give the workforce more opportunity for self-expression.”

The expansion of gender recognition within the company is very important, especially when you consider how that could change the stats Rockstar has put forth. The pay gap between men and women here does not take into account anyone other than Man/Woman.

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