Roller Coaster Ride Consistently Triggers iPhone Crash Detection

A roller coaster ride in Cincinnati has resulted in several iPhone 14s activating the crash detection feature.

iPhone Crash Detection

The King Island amusement park has roller coasters that activate the safety feature, leading to multiple false positives and frenetic activity from the Warren County Communications Center. Multiple shots were requested by iPhone 14 owners taking these trips and the device misinterpreting the twists, turns and sudden stops as collisions.

Apparently, the King Island theme park was not the only location where multiple “crashes” were recorded, as similar reports came from Six Flags park in the Chicago area.

Apple does have a 10-second warning before the alarm is sent to emergency services, but park visitors may not be able to turn it off due to circumstances. To avoid this, users can leave their iPhone 14 models in a locker or with a trusted person before attempting to drive. Apple has not commented on the false positive events.

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