Rovio re-releases classic ‘Angry Birds’ game for modern devices

Game developer Rovio is going to make a faithful remaster of his classic bird-slinging game ‘Angry Birds’.

‘Rovio Classics: Angry Birds’ will feature the same stages and gameplay as the original, which launched in 2012. On the App Store, the app costs 99 cents and will include all 390 levels, plus the Mighty Eagle add-on. It’s worth noting that there will be no in-app purchases or ads.

The remaster is said to have been rebuilt from the ground up to maintain the feel and sound of the classic while meeting modern device requirements and higher resolution displays. The original Angry Birds game debuted in 2009 and topped the App Store charts for years.

‘Rovio Classics: Angry Birds’ is not the same game as ‘Angry Birds: Reloaded’ as the latter is a brand new game with challenge modes and movie characters.

No exact date has been announced for the game’s release.

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