Saints Row Reboot: Release Date, Showcase Customization Time, Pre-Order Bonuses & DLC

The popular Saints Row franchise is getting a reboot in 2022, so here’s everything we know about the new game so far, from the release date to gameplay details, DLC plans, and information about the upcoming customization showcase.

After nearly two decades of sequels and expansions, the iconic open-world crime series Saints Row is getting a total reboot, simply titled “Saints Row,” complete with reimagined characters, a new story, and an original location – Santo Ileso.

After starting out as a more outlandish rival to GTA, the Saints Row games evolved and got crazier, with everything from alien invasions to guns firing live bees at enemies.

The 2022 reboot promises to be a more grounded experience that tones things down while maintaining the over-the-top action the franchise has become known for.

Below, we’ve gathered all the information we know so far about the reboot, including the platforms it will be released on, all the pre-order bonuses, and what players can expect when they finally make it to Saints Row’s Santo Ileso.


A chase in the Saints Row reboot
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High-octane car chases return in the reboot.

Is there a release date for Saints Row reboot?

The Saints Row reboot set for August 23, 2022† During The Game Awards 2021, this release date was confirmed at the end of their latest gameplay trailer.

Although an original release date was set for February 25, 2022, developers Volition announced a delay to allow extra time to “tune” the experience to meet expectations.

When is the Saints Row customization showcase?

On April 14, 2022, it was revealed through the games official Twitter account that an “ultimate” customization showcase is going live April 20, 2022, at 12:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM BST / 8:00 PM CESTstating that it will show players “how to #BeYourOwnBoss”.

We’ve embedded the YouTube video below for your convenience, so be sure to check it out as soon as the showcase falls in your specific time zone!

Saints Row reboot trailers

You can watch the official announcement trailer for the Saints Row reboot below:

Unveiled at The Game Awards on December 9, 2021, the latest gameplay trailer for Saints Row shows even more of what players can expect, and provides an insight into the types of mischief and mayhem they can cause as The Boss.

Featuring explosions, spinning cars, wingsuits, golf carts and even a tank, the new trailer showcases the familiar high-octane style that fans of the series will recognize from previous titles.

Here it is in all its glory:

Saints Row reboot platforms

The Saints Row reboot is scheduled for release on the following platforms:

  • Playstation 4 (PS4)
  • Playstation 5 (PS5)
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Windows

It has been has confirmed that the PC release of the upcoming reboot will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store at launch, but so far there’s no news of a potential Mac/OS release.

Where is the Saints Row reboot set?

An image of Santo Ileso's surroundings in Saints Row
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Located in Santo Ileso, Saints Row has a very different color palette than its predecessors.

The Saints Row reboot will take place in Santo Ileso, a fictional city in the American Southwest. Inside there are nine unique neighborhoods in the city to explore and take over as well as a large desert area around it.

Santo Ileso has been described by Volition as the “biggest and best playground” ever created in the series, so there will be plenty to explore as you traverse the city by car, motorcycle or wingsuit.

Rebooting Saints Row Gameplay Details

A lineup of the main characters in the Saints Row reboot
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The Boss has a brand new set of companions to take on Santo Ileso.

The Saints Row reboot focuses on three new characters – Kevin, Neenah and Eli – who create the Saints gang and launch a criminal empire in an attempt to pay off their student debt. You play the fourth founder, known as The Boss.

Growing the Saints from scratch, you’ll fight for control of the three main districts run by rival gangs in Santo Ileso: Rancho Provedencia, the territory of Los Panteros; Lakeshore, controlled by Marshall; and Monte Vista, home of The Idols.

Volition has confirmed that the game will support co-op at any time and that every mission is also designed for co-op. Friends can hop on and off whenever they want, with multi-generational multiplayer enabled.

Saints Row reboot pre-order bonuses

Anyone who pre-orders Saints Row, digital or physical, will get access to the Idols Anarchy Packa DLC set featuring the Idols DJ Helmet cosmetic, the Twinkle Bat weapon, and the Sandstorm Scrambler motorcycle.

Those who pre-order the Criminal Customs Edition (physical) or Gold Edition (digital) will also receive the Saints Criminal Customs set† This comes with the Saints Custom Convertible car and the Saints Custom Stab Jacket cosmetics.

The pre-order bonuses in Saints Row
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There are some extra fun goodies to be won in Saints Row via pre-order.

Volition has also confirmed that if you pre-order any version of the game for digital download, you’ll get free access to Saints Row The Third: Remastered.

Is Saints Row getting DLC?

Volition has confirmed the new Saints Row reboot will be released three expansions available as post-launch DLC, which will include additional episodes for the game.

However, no specific details about the content of the expansions have been revealed and we probably won’t find out what to expect from them until closer to launch.

So there you have it – that’s all we know about Saints Row so far. Check back regularly as we will keep you updated with new details here.

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