Samsung announces improved 512GB CXL memory module

Samsung has presented the first memory module based on four times more DRAM than the previous version. With the company’s first-ever 512GB Compute Express Link (CXL) memory module, it can deliver massive amounts of memory to the servers without straining system latency.

All these models are based on a DDR5 RAM and are considered the main memory by both the GPU and the CPU. This serves as the main role of the CXL form factor which offers huge memory capacities in tens of TB. It enables the users to accumulate massive amounts of memory and bandwidth in data centers and comes with a high-speed PCI Express 5.0 bus.

These modules are not only about their special technique of navigating around the memory capacity limits, but also know their way around the system latency as they don’t put too much strain on the systems. Using memory caching, these CXL-compatible modules reduce system latency while increasing bandwidth by many TBs per second.

According to Cheolmin Park, the vice president of Memory Global Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics and director of the CXL consortium:
“CXL DRAM will be a critical turning point for future computing structures by significantly improving artificial intelligence (AI) and big data services as we aggressively expand its use in next-generation memory architectures, including software-defined memory (SDM)”

With the rising popularity for Metaverse and many related tech experiences coming into play, Samsung doesn’t see the CXL modules as a big gamble; they see that they have a lot of opportunities in the emerging market, especially the AI-driven workloads that require massive memory capacities. This is where the latest upgraded 512GB CXL module comes in handy; it will be the first-ever memory device of its kind to support PCIe 5 and will be based on the EDSFF (E3.2) form factor.

In addition, Samsung has also announced that it will unveil the updated version of its open source Scalable Memory Development Kit (SMDK). The SMDK will be a comprehensive toolkit that works in tandem with the memory expansion of the CXL module, allowing it to work seamlessly with the memory systems.

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