Samsung Launches New Rugged T7 Shield Portable SSD With IP65 Rating

Samsung’s T7 Shield Portable SSD has its new and improved version with better durability and a rugged exterior. The new SSD has a rubberized material that ensures a longer lifespan because it is dust and water resistant. No changes have been made to the overall design, but durability seems to be an added benefit.

Another minor change to note is that the new T7 Shield is a bit heavier and taller than either standard variant of the T7 Shield or the T7 Touch. The new rugged T7 Shield Portable SSD comes with an IP65 rating, meaning the SSD is protected against dust and water in the event of an accident. Moving on to the specs of the accessory, the T7 Shield has a USB-C connector with USB 3.2. It has read/write speeds of up to 1050/1000 Mbps.

As mentioned, durability is the standout feature of the T7 Shield Portable SSD. Its IP65 rating makes it both dust and water resistant. It is also crush resistant and has a drop resistance of up to 9.8 feet. Samsung has left no stone unturned to ensure durability remains superlative. They have opted for an aluminum housing and a rubber texture for the outer material, which will further enhance the protection. It can also withstand extreme heat, with temperatures ranging from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

The robust T7 Shield does not differ from the standard variant in terms of workability. But there are differences to be seen with the T7 Touch, which has an additional security feature of fingerprint sensors. One thing is a relief that there are no compatibility issues; it works with both Mac and Windows. It’s a great option if you’re someone who mainly ventures out and carries their data with them; there will be no fear of the SSD being hit by environmental factors. You can choose from Black, Beige and Blue and also choose your memory capacity from 1 TB or 2 TB. The SSD starts at $143.99.

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