Save $50 on the Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra is the premium smartwatch in the Apple Watch range. Today, the Titanium Case with Midnight Ocean Band model is worth just $749, compared to its original price of $799 on Amazon.

Apple Watch Ultra

Weekend warriors and those who want a robust and reliable smartwatch would do well to invest in the Apple Watch Ultra. It’s the strongest Apple Watch yet, and with several features that can accompany your adventures. The device can stay active for 36 hours, and the advanced Workout app’s stats suit endurance athletes well.

There is a redesigned Compass app and a handy dive computer for extra safety during underwater explorations. Crash detection is a fairly new feature that is always nice to have. A noteworthy mention is the customizable action button that can support different functions.

Last but not least, the tires are equally sturdy and can take a beating. For $50 off, you should get your Apple Watch Ultra today!

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