Seagate Announces Brand New Business-Oriented Nytro SSDs

Seagate just announced two latest additions to the Nytro portfolio: the Nytro 5350 SSD and the Nytro 5550 SSD. Both are developed and designed using Phison technology that increases efficiency, performance and increases storage density in data centers.

The new Nytro SSD drives offer improved computing efficiency and also provide a cost-effective solution that will help eliminate the bottlenecks. This ultimately improves the overall quality of service and ensures elevated data integrity and protection.

The Nytro 5350 PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD comes with twice the read throughput compared to current SAD SSDs. This means that it has the capacity to reach ten times the bandwidth of SATA systems, which significantly improved the QoS. With bandwidth up to 7.4 GB/s, Seagate’s new SSD has the ability to completely eliminate bottlenecks. Thanks to the 195K IOPS random write speeds up to 1.7M IOPS random read speeds, the SSD offers a constant response period with no lag. It’s also pretty impressive how the Nytro 5350 has compressed a massive 15.36TB into a 15mm form factor and the 7.69TB into an even smaller 7mm form factor. Both options come with dual port functionality and support both the U.2 and U.3 interfaces.

The Nytro 5550 PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD follows Nytro 5350 specifications and is ideal for a variety of workloads. It has random write speeds of up to 470K IOPS and random read speeds of up to 1.7 million IOPS. The 5550 comes in a smaller form factor with a massive 12.08 TB in 15mm and 6.40 TB in 7mm.

Finally comes the Nytro 5050, which features the NVMe management interface, life management and the SMBus sideband. Combined, these provide consistent disk monitoring and management without burdening the operating system. Other features of the Nytro 5050 include data protection in case of power failure, five-year limited warranty and SED TCG protection.

The new drives are compatible with Linux and Microsoft OS and come with end-to-end encryption. They provide data protection against undetected and accidental corruption.

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