Sean Gares on new Valorant map Lotus: “It looks like a Killjoy map”

Published: 2023-01-06T22:59:14

Updated: 2023-01-07T01:12:59

Former CS:GO pro and ex-100 Thieves Valorant head coach Sean ‘sgares’ Gares was introduced to Lotus in an early playtest and gave his early thoughts on which Agents might do well on the new map.

Content creators, pro players and press are given early access to Lotus to test Valorant’s new map, and some have already started strategizing for the three-location location.

Gares played Lotus in 10-man lobbies and also explored the map himself to test which agents and abilities could form the meta.

“Guys, it looks like a Killjoy card,” Gares said on the stream. “Look how tight these chokes are and the fact that Killjoy mollies can put hits in them.”

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The range of the Killjoy utility also covers quite a distance on the map with three locations, allowing players to place a turret in one location and cover another.

Gares gives early full Valorant comp prediction on Lotus

Lotus is a new puzzle for most casual and professional Valorant players in terms of what a full meta agent composition might look like. The three-location design lends itself well to Agents collecting intelligence and Sentinels that can guard an area unassisted.

According to Gares, an early metacomp on Lotus could be centered around Killjoy and the latest Valorant agent, Harbor.

“I imagine Killjoy, Raze, I think a Viper/Astra would be insane. But with Harbor getting better and better . . . I know he’s coming,’ Gares said.

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The former Valorant coach also said teams can probably pick any Initiator they want on Lotus, but KAY/0 might be best against Killjoy compositions. Yoru was also mentioned as potentially viable, but other Duelists could take precedence.

The general Valorant community will be able to form their own opinion on the new Lotus map when it hits the game with patch 6.0 on January 10th.

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