Season 13 double jungle strat breaks League of Legends

Published: 2022-11-24T19:28:18

Updated: 2022-11-24T19:28:30

A double jungle strat taking advantage of a bug with the new jungle items has taken over the solo queue in both Korea and China, with mid laners often using Smite to gain a huge advantage.

The jungle changes implemented in patch 12.22 have had a mixed reception and Riot has already committed to it tweak how long it takes to clear camps and how much health and mana you get for killing camps.

With so many systems changing all at once, there was bound to be some strategy or method to break through the new jungle companions and the items they were attached to.

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A few mechanics associated with the new and (in some ways) improved jungle items have allowed both the mid-laner and jungler to control Smite with their own jungle companion.

Double jungle strat is breaking new ground in season 13

Double juggling is not a new concept when it comes to League of Legends, especially in the bygone days of things like the Yi/Taric funnel street, River Shen, Smite Janna top, and other erratic and bizarre meta shifts where players bend the rules of League of Legends. Legends to the breaking point.

Now a new strategy has emerged that takes advantage of passively stacking treats on top of the jungle items. If you buy it and then sell it, the treats will keep piling up even without the companion or item in your inventory.

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These treats give you an extra 50 gold when clearing a jungle camp, and you get an extra treat every minute with no limit. It is essentially an exploit that allows players to get gold for free.

Not to mention that by selling the jungle item, players can avoid the early farm penalty imposed on junglers attempting to farm through minions, allowing the player using this strat to drive normally.

Korean YouTuber Rainbow Flavor has put together an easy-to-understand video demonstrating the strategy with some visual aids to show exactly how you can take advantage of the new items.

By the time they reached the later stages of the game and bought their jungle item, Rainbow Flavor already had 11 treats on their passive. With 50 gold each, that’s 550 gold they’ve earned on top of the normal rewards for clearing jungle camps.

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Kim ‘Doinb’ Tae-sang, a content creator and pro player in the LPL, has also been shown with this strat in solo queue. While it will certainly be patched soon given that this is not the intended way to use this item, it remains to be seen if double juggling could still be a viable option without this exploit.

If you’re looking for a jungle champ to play while playing the role normally, here’s our list of the best junglers for the current patch.

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