Secret Apex Legends Care Package buff makes legendary weapons easier to find

Do you feel like you’re seeing the Kraber a little more often in Apex Legends? Well, that’s because the spawn rates of Care Package weapons have improved quite a bit.

With the start of Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted, Respawn has made a slew of changes to the Battle Royale: introducing Vantage as the new legend, updating the layout of Kings Canyon, and finally raising the level cap.

As for changes to weapons, we didn’t get a new weapon next to the release of the new update, but a lot of tweaks have been made to the loot pool with the Rampage and Bocek Bow moving into the Care Package.

The two popular weapons have joined the Kraber and Mastiff as the Battle Royale’s rarest and most powerful weapons, but they drop a little more than usual.

Apex Legends care pack weapons spawn rate changed

That’s right, if you’ve noticed that the Kraber is spawning a little more often in matches these days, you’re not alone and you’re not experiencing any sort of placebo effect.

Instead, Respawn has bumped up each weapon’s spawn rates to 25% in the early, mid and late game care packs according to dataminer senos.

“So for some reason all weapons in the care package have a 25% chance of spawning in any given round,” they tweeted on Aug. 20.

Many fans quickly noted that they’ve seen a lot of Krabers in the first drop – which previously had a spawn chance of around 7% – rather than in the late game.

“Round 1 Kraber seemed MUCH more common. And the number of late game Rampages is too common,” said one. “I got two first-round Mastiffs last night. As a new Maggie lead, it made me cry tears of joy,” added another. “I was sure they improved Kraber’s spawn rate and this explains it,” commented another.

Of course, with four weapons with a 25% chance of falling, they are all equal and one weapon will not be more common than the other. However, it could be something that Respawn tweaks during the season.

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