Silent Hill 2’s Original Translator Asks For Credit After Remake Revealed

published: 2022-10-21T23:22:53

Updated: 2022-10-21T23:23:23

After the first reports of Konami’s Silent Hill 2 remake announcement, the original SH2 translator called for the proper tribute.

Konami is back in a big way after the Silent Hill Transmission showcase, which revealed a slew of new Silent Hill projects to come in the future.

Perhaps the biggest reveal came in the form of the Silent Hill 2 remake being developed by Bloober Team.

Not everyone was overjoyed about the announcement, however, as the translator of the original title immediately asked for due credit for the remake’s official unveiling.

Silent Hill 2 translator asks for good credit in remake

The original translator of Silent Hill 2, Jeremy Blaustein, quotes: retweeted leaked information ahead of the Transmission showcase confirming the reveal of the Silent Hill 2 remake.

In his tweet, Blaustein claimed that the remake would likely use the original script as a base, saying: “…They will, again, use the SH2 English script which I wrote/translated entirely myself (oh, also directed) and I will don’t get any compensation for it…’

Blaustein even did a little research into the ongoing controversy over Bayonetta 3, ending his tweet by saying, “…and there won’t be tens of thousands of people on Twitter on my behalf. Maybe I should make a video?”

This is a reference to voice actor Hellena Taylor, which he confirmed in a reply to the original tweet.

When GameMe was asked for comment, Blaustein reiterated his role in not only the original Silent Hill 2 translation, but the localization as a whole.

“I translated every word of the Silent Hill 2 game. There were no other translators. I directed the voice over work. Everything. I arranged the auditions, conducted them and was one of about four to five people who made the decisions about which actors to go with.”

While Blaustein said he wasn’t looking for “any financial translation,” he still believes that “giving me due credit for my role is the right thing to do.”

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