Simple Apex Legends trick turns Replicator into a death trap

published: 2022-10-17T22:41:51

Updated: 2022-10-17T22:42:07

Sometimes the last place you expect an enemy in a battle royale is above you. An Apex Legends player took advantage of that simple truth and revealed an easy trick.

It’s an exciting time to be an Apex Legends player. Season 15 kicks off on November 1, and for the first time since Season 11, Respawn is adding a new map. The long-awaited feature, gifting, is also coming during the new season of Apex.

Apex Legends broke its all-time player count at the launch of Season 14, and Season 15 is sure to pull players back in the same way.

If you’re coming back to the battle royale for the first time in a while or looking for an easy way to commit kills, a player has discovered the perfect way to take down unsuspecting enemies.

Apex Legends Player Unveils Replicator Trap

apex legends replicatorRespawn Entertainment

Replicators offer players an easy way to earn valuable loot.

Replicators are stations that can turn manufactured materials into loot. Their locations are random and some items rotate daily, weekly and seasonally.

Reddit user IDoApex revealed an easy trick for waiting on top of a Replicator for players. If you catch someone in low consciousness, they can start using the Replicator without you being on top of it.

From there, all it takes is a direct hit with an Arc Star and a few bullets to get the job done.

One player replied: “I know I see people hiding lately, but I think it’s my imagination and I convince myself it’s a prop. Then I get shot a lot.”

Another user added: “Imagine having the best game of your life, and then it ends because of this.”

Take this as a lesson to look up the next time you use the Replicator, or try this method yourself.

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