Simple Modern Warfare 2 move trick breaks the game with unlimited Tactical Sprint

Brad Norton

published: 2022-09-26T05:33:58

Updated: 2022-09-26T05:33:58

Tactical Sprint is designed to run out after a short stint in Call of Duty. However, a new game-changing move trick gives players unlimited stamina in the Modern Warfare 2 beta.

When it comes to moving from one point to another in Call of Duty, Tactical Sprint is the fastest method on foot. Crouching, walking, and regular sprints are all slower than this more intense option.

As a result, Tactical Sprint comes with a limited window. Just a few seconds you can enjoy this faster run. The only way to affect its duration is to manually select the Double Time Perk to, you guessed it, double its length. That comes with the obvious sacrifice of another crucial basic advantage.

While that’s how most CoD titles have functioned in recent years, things have now changed in Modern Warfare 2. Without the need for Double Time, players in the beta have discovered a groundbreaking movement trick to provide infinite Tactical Sprint with relative ease. .

As illustrated by Atlanta FaZe head coach Crowder, just a simple bunny hop is all it takes to reset your Tactical Sprint. By repeating this quick and easy jumping trick, you can sprint at full speed for as long as you want.

It usually takes a few seconds for Tactical Sprint to cool down after use. However, this seamless movement allows you to bypass the delay altogether and continue to flash through the map.

Not only is this useful for getting out of spawn and back into the fight faster than ever, but it can also help you outsmart your enemies. In the blink of an eye, you can bounce around opposing targets, literally sprinting laps around them.

For now, Infinity Ward has yet to tackle motion technology in the second week of the Modern Warfare 2 Beta. While developers made some changes quickly, other community feedback has been ignored. It’s unclear where this particular problem might fall.

We could see the bunny-hop trick change when the full game arrives on October 28, or it could be in effect for a while.

Additionally, given both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 share engines, this exploit could even work in the upcoming Battle Royale sequel. We’ll just have to wait.

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