Simple Newcastle Fan Can Save His Horrible Pick Rate in Apex Legends

. Last updated: 01 Aug 2022

Newcastle was introduced in Apex Legends Season 13, but players believe his movement is not up to scratch, and one fan has even drafted a simple improvement that could boost his pick rate.

Newcastle competed in the Apex Games with a clear role as a stronghold for every squad he plays with. Whether he sends his shield to keep them covered while spinning or springs to their rescue when they’re struck, the big man is meant to save people from trouble.

While that can work out well at times, any skill he spends helping his teammates single-handedly leaves him vulnerable.

However, if Newcastle were a little more timid there’s a chance he’d be better off standing on his own and getting into the meta for the first time, and that’s what this fan-concept lover wants to achieve.

A simple buff concept could make Newcastle more viable in Apex Legends

While the heroic defender already has impressive movement thanks to his ultimate, that once every few minutes utility isn’t enough to keep him safe when his tactics are cooling or currently being used to protect a teammate.

So to solve the elder Williams’ vulnerability issues, Reddit user DANNYonPC believes the answer could lie in boosting his glide, making him harder to keep up with as he maneuvers around the battlefield and protects his teammates.

“New movement idea: 30% sliding speed [and] instead of sliding normally, he sits on his shield,” they said.

Not only would this integrate the newcomer’s shield even further into his gear, but it would also give him a new level of freedom to take risks and play himself without fear of getting picked on by a bloodthirsty opponent.

As a result, Newcastle players and their team-mates could open up their strategies a bit more and play with an aggressive mentality otherwise lacking when he is on the squad.

Only time will tell what Respawn ultimately decides to do, but with a new legend on the way for Season 14, Bangalore’s big brother is in danger of being left behind if he stays in his current form.

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