Simple Warzone trick makes Claymores even more furious – and deadlier

A simple Warzone trick has caught the attention of players in Caldera, allowing them to combine two sets of gear and create a devastating explosive.

With so much content in one place, Warzone players are still trying to figure out all the nuances and tricks that come with a plethora of weapons, gear, and scoring streaks.

For example, players have noticed that the game’s Deployable Cover can be used as a perfect roadblock to keep enemy vehicles in their tracks.

This particular trick, which pops up on Reddit on April 16, may be less subtle than using a Deployable Cover, but when done right, it can yield very impressive results and take out multiple enemies at once.

Caldera ruins with WZ Pacific logo

Players are still discovering Caldera’s secrets.

Player ‘Xtoxiczombie’ noted that you can combine Claymores with Warzone’s Flammable Canister, creating an explosive and fiery combination that can be handled like an actual projectile.

Attached to the pole was a clip of the equipment being combined. While Claymores are deadly on their own, the combination with Flammable Canisters means they are treated like projectiles by the game and can be thrown at enemies.

The result, as shown in the user’s post, was an explosive and incendiary combo that quickly took out an unwitting enemy.

So you can put claymores on gas cylinders apparently from CODWarzone

One Redditor joked about how annoying it would be to die from the combo, saying, “I’d probably be this close to removing it if I saw the killcam.”

It’s probably not the most useful trick in the game, but if the equipment makes its way into your arsenal, it’s certainly an idea that can get you out of a tricky spot.

Claymores has long been frustrating to play against, but now that they can technically be thrown in we’re sure players will enjoy them even more.

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