Skull And Bones will be the first game to support DLSS, XeSS and FSR at launch

Skull and Bones was originally set to be released in 2019. After a long wait, the highly anticipated game title will finally be released on November 8 this year. A new trailer for Skull and Bones has been published by Ubisoft, who also shared some details about the graphics features coming soon to PC players.

Skull and Bones comes with support for ray tracing, both ultrawide and uncapped framerate. The trailer description shows that Ubisoft has added NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR technologies, along with Intel’s XeSS. The version of XeSS has not yet been confirmed by Ubisoft, we do know that instead of the FSR 2.0, there will be FSR 1.0.

For the XeSS, Intel has already postponed the launch, which was planned for early summer. Now that summer is almost over, there still seems to be no sign of XeSS or the high-end Arc A7 desktop graphics that would be powerful enough for Skull and Bones. We now expect both to be available on November 8, provided nothing changes in this timeline.

The official PC requirements have been shared by Ubisoft for four differentt graphics settings. The game comes with XeSS support, but these details surprisingly don’t mention Arc GPUs here. To take advantage of ray tracing and upscaling, you’ll need NVIDIA’s RTX 20/30 or 40 GPUs, which are expected to be available in November. Alternatively, the Radeon RX 6000 or 7000 series can also be used. However, for 4K gaming, Ubisoft has clearly preferred the RTX 3080 or the RX 6800XT.

Via Ubisoft

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