Snip3down clashes with NICKMERCS after calling out “solo to Pred” Apex Legends streams

published: 2022-10-03T01:41:50

Updated: 2022-10-03T01:42:09

Snipe3down took a stab at ‘solo to Pred’ Apex Legends streams and it caught the attention of NICKMERCS and many of the game’s other big names.

Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona is a veteran of the FPS scene and after a stint returning to professional Halo, the multiple champion has retired to the world of Apex Legends as if he never left.

Throughout his illustrious career, Wrona has never been one to keep his mind to himself and this time he’s targeting the popular streaming gimmick where players line up solo to reach the top rank of Apex Legends as an alleged ostentation. of skill.

While this feat is impressive for the legions of players who will never come close to reaching that peak, the former TSM player thinks it’s just a way for good players to get away with smurfing against weak competition rather than to play on their own rank.

NICKMERCS Rejects Snip3down’s Complaints About ‘Solo to Pred’ Streams in Apex Legends

While there was some community support when it came to Snip3down’s claim, some of its fellow professionals and content creators fought back against the idea.

NICKMERCS was one of the biggest names to speak out, and as one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, his main concern was that eliminating these types of streams would end up hurting the game in the long run.

“What the f**k else is there to do?” the streaming megastar asked.

mr. MERCS wasn’t the only player to disagree either. FURIAs His Wattson, who is known for this exact kind of stream, also chimed in on the matter, simply saying “sup?” in acknowledgment that he may have inspired the thought.

He and Snip3down exchanged a few jokes, with Snip3down claiming that iiTzTimmy’s version of the challenge in which he reached Pred in one go was more impressive than any of HisWattson’s runs, with the latter insisting that Halo legend Walshy was better than Wrona had ever been .

Responding to NICKMERCS, Snip3 later admitted that the problem may be that he just can’t watch content in the games he participates in unless it’s related to professional play itself.

At the end of the day, there doesn’t seem to be any real heat, but whether high-ranking players are allowed to take on these kinds of challenges might be one that Respawn should explore in the future.

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