Social Media Posts From Horizon Forbidden West Actor Spark DLC Rumors

Posts from Aloy’s mocap actor on Instagram, where she hinted at working on another game-related project, has sparked rumors of Horizon Forbidden West DLC.

Horizon Forbidden West blew fans away when it released in February 2022 thanks to its expansive, beautiful open world and the gameplay refinements developer Guerilla Games made to both combat and exploration.

However, many fans long for more, even after exploring all that Forbidden West had to offer.

However, fans may be in luck if Aloy’s motion capture actor’s social media posts have something to offer, as some think she may have just teased the upcoming DLC.

Horizon Forbidden West Actor Sparks DLC Rumors

Rumors started swirling after Instagram posts from Dutch actor Peggy Vrijens, who provided the mocap performance for Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West.

Three days ago, Vrijens posted a photo of himself and fellow actor Louis Van Beek, who worked on Horizon Forbidden West together with Vrijens.

The caption on Vrijen’s post with Van Beek said the two should “enjoy the sun in” [their] motion capture outfits,” indicating that they were both working on some motion capture project.

peggy lovemaking horizon forbidden west mocap suit photo
Instagram: peggyvrijens

Vrijens is working on another project with fellow mocap actor Louis Van Beek.

The next day, the mocap actor made another post, this time showing her fully clothed in her mocap outfit with the caption “Ready for some mocap action.”

Naturally, excited fans started filling the comments with their hopes for this mysterious project centered around Horizon Forbidden West DLC.

While it certainly makes sense that Vrijens and Van Beek could work on content around Forbidden West, there’s also a good chance it’s unrelated.

peggy lovemaking horizon forbidden west mocap suit screenshot
Instagram: peggyvrijens

Vrijens posted a video on her Instagram showing that she was ready for more mocap work.

Since Horizon Zero Dawn’s Frozen Wilds DLC was released just eight months after the main game’s launch on February 28, 2017, Guerilla wouldn’t leave much development time to work on DLC, assuming the main motion capture was just now being shot.

Still, Guerilla may just be planning to launch Forbidden West’s DLC later in the year – or the development process may be more advanced than expected.

For now, fans will just have to wait for an official announcement from Guerilla Games about future DLC plans for Horizon Forbidden West.

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