Sony is now using a smaller 6nm AMD SoC “Oberon Plus” in their new PlayStation 5 consoles

A newer version of Sony’s PS 5 has an improved SoC made with TSMC 6nm technology. The 7nm node, already in use in the PS5’s “Oberon” SoC, is backwards compatible with this smaller node.

Oberon’s 6nm port retains the same design and layout as the original CPU. However, the basic Zen2 processing and RDNA2 graphics architectures have remained unchanged.

This new SoC was found just a few weeks after the first notification of new console models in Australia. The latest version not only has an improved silicon provision for the console, but also improved internal components such as a redesigned motherboard and a smaller and lighter cooler. Earlier this month, Austin Evans released a comprehensive overview of the latest edition of the PS5.

In terms of features and specs, the newer 260mm2 Oberon Plus chip is identical to the larger 300mm2 version, but more energy efficient. Due to these adjustments, the console consumes less power and requires a less robust cooling system.

Sony PS5

As a result, AMD and Sony will be able to put more chips on a single wafer in the future, cutting the unit cost of making the next console by an estimated 12 percent. Microsoft’s Xbox consoles are powered by AMD 7nm SoCs and will receive 6nm design updates in the near future.

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