Sony Unveils PS5 DualSense Edge Deluxe Controller With Interchangeable Sticks, Back Paddles & More

Sony has just unveiled the new controller for PlayStation5. The DualSense Edge is a premium ‘high performance’ variant with many additional functions. Most interestingly, it’s fully customizable and quite similar to the Xbox’s Elite Controller. Sony has brought together the best features of Scuf and Elite controllers, such as the rear buttons, interchangeable stick caps, multiple control profiles and analog thumbsticks.

Gamers can change the stick caps and have a choice of three different types including standard, high dome and low dome. DualSense Edge also comes with two interchangeable back buttons that can be assigned to other buttons. Even the stick modules can be replaced, something you can’t do in Xbox Elite.

On the back you will also find adjustable trigger hair locks that allow the players to physically lock their triggers, allowing them to half pull and adjust the distance traveled. In addition, you can reassign or deactivate certain inputs and change the sensitivity of the stick.

The DualSense Edge comes with a braided USB-C cable and a carrying case that houses all the components and allows the controller to be charged while stored inside. All in all, Sony has done a great job with the aesthetics as well. The PlayStation symbols are inlaid across the touchpad and also embossed on the triggers.

So far there has been no news from Sony regarding pricing or availability of the controller.

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