Spigen’s 65W GaN III Charging Hub Drops 30%

Spigen offers a convenient yet powerful charging hub for Apple users with a 30 percent discount. Today, the Spigen 65W GaN III 4-Port USB Charger has dropped to just $41.99 from its original $60 price on Amazon.

GaN III Charging Hub

The GaN III charger is a technical achievement and packs powerful charging functions into a compact form. It’s smaller than most 65W chargers, but it can charge a 13-inch MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air and USB-C laptop. You can use both USB-C ports at the same time and get 20W on both, while a single USB-A can deliver up to 18W for smartphones and tablets.

Four charging ports should be enough to power all your essential devices. Spigen’s GaN III charger comes with industry-leading Intelligent Safety Technology and fine-tuning aspects for optimal heat dissipation, as well as voltage and current regulation.

The multifunctional and universal GaN III USB-C and USB-A charging hub can be yours today with a 30% discount!

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