Spigen’s portable ArcField MagSafe charger now costs just $20

If you’re going for a MagSafe charger to take with you on trips and vacations, it might as well be made from a reputable brand and quality materials. Today, the Spigen ArcField MagSafe charger has dropped to just $19.99 from its original $25 price on Amazon.

Spigen's Portable ArcField MagSafe Charger

Spigen’s MagSafe charger is minimal and ultimately portable – you’ll find that you can store it in your bag and take up no space at all.

Finding the right charging spot is a breeze – just attach the charger to the back of your iPhone and it will start to get juice. It is compatible with the iPhone 12 series and the newer iPhone 13 models.

Safety is not an afterthought at Spigen, and it shows in the ArcField charger. Apart from short circuit and overheating, you can also enjoy the 15-point safety standard to protect both the charger and your smartphone. Grab the $5 Off Spigen ArcField MagSafe Charger Today!

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